COME VISIT the CICERO STORE! 8124 Brewerton Road just past Walmart- same side....


 The Kandied Kernel opened in Armory Square Syracuse on March 15th, 2012. The Armory Square location has closed and we moved to 8124 Brewerton Road Cicero, NY. 

The Kandied Kernel Liverpool location at 663 Old Liverpool Road -Opened November 4, 2013.

 Our Popcorn is made fresh daily and we use pure coconut oil to pop all of our premium corns. We offer no salt popcorn for those on a salt restricted diet. Our delicious Karamel corn is made with maple syrup, brown sugar, butter and real vanilla, just like you'd make it at home...if you had the time or inclination to do so. Our "kandied" selections are sure to please the young and the "young at heart" as a sweet alternative. Some of the kandied varieties are Grape, Hot Cinnamon, Kremsicle, Lemon, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry,Watermelon, Sour Apple, Cherry, Banana , Pina Colada, Chocolate, Toasted Vanilla, Rainbow, Orange and Kuse Kolors just to name a few. 

We also offer "savories" or salty flavors for those who prefer snacking on something with out sugar. Some of our tasy savories include Cheddar cheese, White cheddar cheese, Pickle Juice, Sour Creme & Chive, Parmesan / Garlic, Ranch, BBQ, Bacon & Cheddar, Pizza and Movie Theatre-are just some of our salty and savory options.


Please be aware that all of the choices mentioned are not always available, and that we often have other flavors than listed here...please call us 315-439-9404 ( Liverpool Store Location ) and 382-9070 ( Cicero Store location) -for details & current stock. 

Our store is like walking into an old time MOM & POP General Mercantile store- meets high tech equiptment. You'll see cabinets from the 1800's to hold our popcorn creations. The cash register stand is an old grain bin.  In the front window our stainless steel cookers and poppers can produce gallons and gallons of popcorn each hour so that you are always eating fresh popped corn.

Check out our display of our wedding / party favors and our popcorn party baskets ( the popcorn bar) that can be set up at your events so your guests can choose the flavors they love and take home a bag of favorites! Come sample something new... ( just skip lunch and come on over, we won't tell ;))

Why we dont sell our popcorn in " BOXES "


Boxes are messy and end up opening up on the bottom or top when you don't want them to.

Not to mention the design of the box- lets air in!

Air is not a friend to popcorn- air makes it stale- fast!

Boxes are cheaper and that is one reason we don’t use them, we don’t skimp on anything and want your gourmet purchase to last.

Your bag is specially designed to hold in freshness for up to 2 weeks or more

(if you can resist that long)- just close it back up properly every time you nibble .

Our bags are high quailty "tin tie" bags, that are wax lined inside to help retain freshness and flavor.


Thank you to my 93 year "young" gradmother

for putting all of the stickers on our bags for us......doesn't she do a great job? 

Love you Gigi................

Helpful and friendly staff waiting to help you decide!